Our Story

GUSH stands for "Grind Until Something Happens" The acronym is more than just words to me. It's how I have lived my life ever since a child. Being raised by an immigrant mother who had to work 3 jobs in order to provide a roof over our heads, I learned the GRIND by seeing her! We didn't have much growing up so it taught me at an early age that I would have to work my ass off in order to get the things I needed & wanted.

Fast forward to my 22 years in Corporate America. Right after High School I had to get a job right away in order to help with the bills in the house. I sidestepped college due to lack of time & even more importantly lack of funds. I used that same Grind Until Something Happens approach that I learned as a young boy and applied that at every place I worked for! That allowed me to achieve the highest level position I reached while in Corporate America which was VP of Operations. Not by having a college degree but outworking everyone in the room! That GUSH mentality has served me well in everything I have set out to do in my life. That's why in December 2018 when I felt that what I was doing as VP was no longer fulfilling & I decided to quit my job with nothing else lined up I needed that mentality more than EVER!  

I always loved fashion & wanted to see if I could do something that tied into that. That's when I found apparel printing! I jumped into it full swing. I bought a DTG printer and started teaching myself everything I could about printing! Using my Grind Until Something Happens approach we have been able to achieve success but it is still far from where we plan to be! I am extremely appreciative for all the clients and brands that we have been fortunate enough to work with but also look forward to all the new people we will work with as well!

I am a family man that Grinds Until Something Happens for his family in order to be able to provide them a better life than I had but also to be an example for anyone that wants to do better for themselves. That nothing in life is impossible as long as you Grind Until Something Happens!